Point me to someone who already has it!

Brooke, I am so thrilled to be in certification training this upcoming May. I am an LSSP (school psychologist) and my true purpose in life is coaching. Many times, I have needed a resource for families of school-aged children struggling with themselves and school demands. Of course there are researched-based, peer-reviewed best practices I can use. Though, what I want to give them is The Model. I have been doing it in long meetings with parents and teachers and teaching it from the beginning. I need a shorter more targeted resource to provide. The tools I want would illustrate The Model for use in families (or with caregivers or teachers) to help a child in elementary, middle or high school learn to manage their minds. It would show them the cycle (and way out) of their thinking triggering the emotion which inspires the action that gets them the negative result. Surely, someone has created these tools already. Please let me know who (among your Master Coaches with businesses) has it already and where I can find it. With joy and gratitude and LOVE for you, Anne.