^poor memory

hi Brooke.

Very interesting podcast and videos this week.

I’ve been doing my homework each day, with many interesting revelations on my functioning and beliefs. However I’m concerned that I have a poor memory and that I will directly forget all my ah-ha moments from the homework, podcasts, models and calls. I can’t even remember what I did yesterday. My belief has been that I learn quickly, am briefly fascinated then forget instantly. Grasshopper mind.

I also notice that I have great difficulty remaining present, even though I meditate daily – I’m always forgetting names, losing keys, dropping things, bumping in to things. Anxiety isnโ€™t very good for concentration.

C: Lost my keys
T: Iโ€™m always losing my keys
F: Hopeless, incompetent, sad, worried
A: Tear down the house looking for them
R: Find them

C: Lost my keys
T: My memory and focus are getting better all the time
F: Hopeful, glimmers of competence
A: Remember where I put my keys
R: Not lost as often

How would you deal with a strong belief like the memory one? Would I re-model this each time I forget something? Or stick the model on the wall? Or how can I remember that my memory isn’t that bad any more? ๐Ÿ™‚