Poor Performance at Work

Hi Brooke, I just started a new job and since then have been busy with life events (including my wedding and a major surgery). Because of this, I don’t think that I have been as mindful of my work and some of it came across sloppy. My boss discussed with me that my performance is suffering and that I could be put on a performance improvement plan if things don’t have an upward trajectory in the next month. I’m completely scared now, almost to the point that it’s paralyzing since I literally just started this position 2 months ago. I know they have some high expectations of me and they move really fast and I don’t want to disappoint. I’ve been trying to do thought downloads to gain control over my thoughts but sometimes the situation seems just over my head and I don’t even know if I can trust myself to improve if that makes any sense?! Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!