Popcorn please!

Good morning! I have realised after a sleepless night (watched 3 movies + baby) that I have transferred my buffering from food (I am doing great on rebalancing my eating, I chose those words, stop overeating doesn’t do it for me but same thing) to movies. Now I am a big fan of lovey dovey Hallmark movies and I have always enjoyed them but last week I have watched a lot of the ones that are free on Youtube. I realised that I am craving that feeling I get from watching those movies and since I no longer have food to avoid my pretty awesome life (what the heck I am buffering against!) I am watching movies. A lot! Here is the model that I came up with:
C – watching hallmark movies
T- kind of subconscious want need (just uncovering it)
F- I feel all love
A – I want to watch another one
R – not 100% in life and tired

I am thinking of first exploring what thought is actually causing this. Why do I need/want it so bad so I don’t keep transferring. Then I want to change to a thought about all the love I have in my life that is real. What do you think? Am I missing something? I filled out the Write-learn-move on sheet and it helped digging this far.