Pork Rinds and Italian sweet creamer Confusion or acceptable

Hi Brooke! I am super excited to be here! I worked with Katrina and have lost 67 lbs. I am 23 lbs from my goal weight.
I was working on the compelling reason homework. I realized I have been dancing with confusion about sweet creamer in my coffee and French onion dip and pork Rinds. I drink coffee 2-3 times per day ( added to meal as I don’t snack). and perceive it as a treat.
C- coffee with sweet cream
T-I deserve it since I have done so well and my scale is still moving.
E- entitlement, acceptance
A- Treat myself to coffee
R- use food as reward

I have been eat pork rinds with French onion dip . It is not on my protocol either. Usually added to a meal . It has no nutritional value. I like the crunch and the snackiness of the dip.

I feel like I am wallowing in confusion. Over both of these foods. They bring me pleasure with no nutritional value therefore they should be considered joy eats.

C- Italian sweet cream
T- this has sugar and I don’t eat sugar, I can have this as a joy eat if I wish. I will plan it 24 hrs in advance and will like my reason for eating it.
E- Committed
A- stick to my protocol
R- use food to fuel my body

My question is….My primative brain wonders if I am being too hard on myself. My brain as well as my husband think that these little exceptions are ok. My brain loves this sweet coffee and pork rinds.