Portion control

I’ve come so far with weight loss and compassion for myself and loving my amazing body. But the last 10-15 pounds are still here. I’m down to two healthy meals a day, fasting from 9-12pm the next day and no sugar or flour. I have joy eats but I don’t overdo it during those meals. It’s my portion sizes. For my healthy meals during the week, I eat until I’m a bit uncomfortable. It’s difficult to stop and it feels like I’m really hungry. I’ve tried to slow down and pay attention to it and it just feels like a little sick to my stomach until I eat a generous portion. My meal today consisted of salad, cottage cheese, pineapple and chicken but I weighed it and it was 22oz. I didn’t care, my thought was, it’s healthy and I’m hungry! But I think this is a huge portion and not resulting in more weight loss. Any advice?? Thanks!!