Portion sizes and food satisfaction

I noticed some time ago that I’m very resistant to stopping eating when I’m satisfied, if I haven’t finished my portion. Now I’ve created a protocol for myself, planning when, what, and how much to eat, and if I’m satisfied before I’ve finished that plannined portion, there’s all kinds of drama around stopping and putting the food away for leftovers or tossing it. I did a download on my thoughts, really instructive to see all the justifications ive created for finishing what’s on my plate. I know this has been a major sticking point for me with overeating, I want to focus on reframing my thinking on this.

Current model:
C I’ve satisfied my hunger but haven’t finished my measured portion
T. (So many here – it’s not fair, I’m not getting my share, I’ll feel deprived if I don’t finish this, I’ll be really hungry before my next meal if I don’t finish this, I’m not eating enough, wasting food is bad….)
E. Frustrated, defensive, angry, worried
A. Keep eating until I’ve finished
R. Fail to learn to listen to my body, less weight loss, struggle with food

New model:
C. I’ve satisfied my hunger but there’s still food on my plate
T. I can eat this again another time and will enjoy it more when I’m hungry
E. confidence, calm, pride
A. Put food away or toss
R. More in tune with my body, easier to lose / maintain weight

C. I’m satisfied before finishing my planned portion
T. My protocol can plan on smaller portions.
E. pride that I’m not eating for non-hunger reasons, curiosity as to how I’ll respond to smaller portions.
A. Put food away, plan to adjust protocol in 2 weeks if I’m continuing to feel my planned portions are more than my body wants
R. Learning to eat in a way that serves me, without struggle

Any thoughts or suggestions? I have a lot of practice to do here working on my thoughts. Thank you!