Position Self for Success

3 years ago – I separated from a job that I really enjoyed, and then was pushed out of the startup I founded. I also hit rockbottom. Eventually, I begrudgingly started to consult b/c I couldn’t land a job, but have been applying for jobs along the way. I have either not been offered the job or withdrew my application in one instance – which I now regret. I can’t actually financially afford to continue to limp along. I decided when covid hit that I need to focus on getting a job. I recently interviewed for 3 jobs that I did not get. I am shocked. I am preparing to pitch to another company that I have I had an initial discussion where they said they may want to bring me on. They would pay me the salary I’ve targeted for myself, allow me to really make the job the way I want it, and I would be challenged intellectually. All things wrapped up in one job that the others didn’t have.

C: speaking with company leadership about job
T: they probably won’t want me just like the other companies
F: discouraged, worthless
A: lose my confidence, move into energy of scarcity, buffer buffer buffer, beat myself up, have tension in all other parts of my life because of financial stress, don’t present my best self to leadership,
R: self-fulfilling prophecy of not getting the job!

I can so clearly see this, but I’m really having trouble getting to the action that I want: to be high energy and creative when talking to leadership.

C: Speaking with company leadership about
T: this is what you have been waiting for
F: excited, ready
A: psyche myself up, prepare diligently for conversation, deliver a winning pitch, make hiring me irresistible, stay in a mind of abundance.
R: get the job

The only issue is that I don’t really believe the thought in my T line. Can you help?