Positive affirmations or actual thoughts about my life?

When journaling about thoughts I think about my life, I find it far more inspiring to look to my “future self” for thoughts about my life. I LOVE the way Brooke spoke about this in the video–since I can think whatever I want, I can look for evidence of the truth of my thought in the as-yet-manifest future. What I wonder about is how this is different from a “positive affirmation” practice, if it is. Does it make a difference? My mind is telling me that if all I’m doing is writing inspiring things about my future self, then I’m missing the “real” thoughts about my life. Again, I can use my current results to uncover what some of the “real” thoughts are, which I do, and find helpful. But should I be spending all my time “uncovering the truth” which can veer towards the land of beating myself up, or should I try to balance the new thoughts I’m practicing about my life with the ones that uncover places I may be stuck? Thank you!