Post dinner grazing

The hardest time for me to be disciplined and stay focused on my food plan is after dinner.

I am the main cook and cleaner of the house, so when dinner is done (after having cooked it all), it’s work time (dishes, by hand).

Instead of just getting the job done, I keep grazing. And then I wonder why I can’t lose weight.

Unintentional Model:
C: post dinner
T: I don’t want to clean up.
F: Lazy
A: Avoid cleaning up by eating more
R: Too full, weight plateau/ not losing/ regrets about my actions

Intentional Model:
C: post dinner
T: I can ask for help, or just get the job done and leave the kitchen
F: Nurtured / Efficient
A: Do dishes right away
R: Dishes done, no grazing

Is it okay that the result line does not always compliment or agree with the Thought line?

And how do I put this into action? This happens on most nights lately…