Posting part of April’s homework here for accountability

Hi Brooke,

I must say that your viewpoint on life challenges me in a good way. Gosh. I’ve never thought of time in this manner before and I find it all quite fascinating.

With that said, I get things done, however, I can do better. And I think a big part of that is the time I wake up and the time I go to sleep. I need at least 7-8 hours to be functional. So, whether I go to bed at 9:30pm (unlikely) or 11:00pm or 1:00am… I require 7-8 hours. I also realize that sometimes I buffer using Facebook or I’ll go on it with the intention of it being a quick 5 minutes and it’s like I get sucked in and an hour or two goes by. UGH. I’m debating on deleting it off my iPhone, but I feel weirdly attached to it. Anyway, here’s the schedule that I’m aiming for tomorrow:

5am – Arise
5:10am – Thought Download
5:30am – Beautify: Shower & Make-Up
6:00am – Practice Cardone closing scripts
7:00am – Find/review leads to call
8:00am – Make 15-20 cold calls
9:00am – Eat breakfast (potato/egg breakfast tacos)
9:30am – Head to the office
10:15am – Join conference call
10:45am – Call staging for client (Owens)
11:00am – Make 15-20 cold calls
12:00pm – Eat lunch (4 bananas)
12:30pm – Make 10 cold calls
1:00pm – Head to appt.
1:30pm – Arrive at prospect’s home
3:00pm – Head home & call Annette about Cardus order
4:00pm – Call clients with active orders and update them on status
5:00pm – Make 15-20 cold calls
6:00pm – Eat dinner
6:30pm – Organize papers
7:00pm – Call Susan back
7:30pm – Shower
8:00pm – Read 2 chapters of Ninja Selling
9:00pm – Plan next day
9:30pm – Go to bed

No question, I’m posting here for accountability, because it’s the early wake up time that’s hard for me—I CAN GET UP AT 5AM. Yes, I can! Lol.