Posting Unanswered Question for 3rd Time – Alcohol Frees Me

I have been posting this question twice already over the past week and it is yet unanswered so I am trying again.

I don’t consider myself someone who has a problem with alcohol. There is only one situation in which I opt to have it and that’s when I am about to have sex with someone and from previous experiences I remember that when I drink alcohol, it calms me, makes me feel sexier, and affords me to be open to do things that otherwise I wouldn’t do.
So overall it has no bad consequence because I get to loosen up and the guy is definitely happier.
The only slight issue is that with the years it takes longer for my body to get rid of the aftermath effect of the drinking. My face looks like with inflammation for two days, some headache, grumpiness, and overall I am slower in response and thinking the next day.
Still I had a good time, I was as free and confident with my body and moves as I could possibly be.

Am I making sense?