Potential Intentionals

Hi coaches, starting to work on some negative thoughts I have about my parents.

C: the people who raised me
T: they are always a negative model and I don’t want to have to manage my mind around them constantly
F: intolerant
A: tell others my thoughts on them, think about them negatively, plan to stop talking to or seeing them, argue with reality
R: I lock myself into a negative model by deeming them unworthy of my mind management

I’m working on these as intentional thoughts…

T: I am open to believing there are others in the world who have had a similar thought on their parents and been successful with eventual feelings of love and compassion

T: my brain may continue to present with negative models about them in the future and that’s ok

T: they are part of my negative 50/50. If it wasn’t them, there’d be something else

T: I am open to choosing to evolve and grow by doing whatever thought-work is required for compassion and love towards my parents, now and in the future

Should I choose the one that feels most believable when I “try it on,” fill in the rest of the model and practice that one thought? Or could I try practicing all these thoughts, reading over them and remembering them? I believe them all and they feel good. Just wondering which way is best to support the new neural pathway.

Thank you! I so appreciate your help!