potty training

My only daughter is 31 months old now and I am giving her diaper-free time for 2 days now.
My initial thought was it is going to be disgusting and I found everything disgusting about it.
But today I feel bad for her

C- Potty training my daughter for 2 days
T- She is unable to play as she wants to pee every 30 minutes
F- sad
A- Put diaper back on, talk to her , think maybe she is not ready, consider letting the clothes with minimal soiling air dry, fear stench, fear insect infestations, fear daughter getting sick
R- I am unable to be present with my daughter

I can read more about the right way of doing this.
I can let her decide if she is ready as I did everything baby-led for her.
I can be patient with her and myself.

I don’t know what to do.