Potty Training

So, we’re in day 2 of potty training our almost 3 year old very verbal son. He’s doing great with it. I was waiting for a poop and looking at SCS on my computer 🙂 Last night he told me “I have to go potty” and ran to me to go to the potty, and so today I said to him, “I’m right here and you can just tell Mom if you have to go potty.” He was in the middle of some serious play with his trimmers / blowers / mowers and yelled out, “I’m pooping.” I said, “O.k. . . let’s get to the potty..” Finished pooping on the potty, but had gotten some poop on him and on the floor from the event. He was very upset and was saying he wanted a diaper and I told him it was no problem at all and I apologized and told him it was my fault because I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Then, we went on to have a talk before taking a nap. I told him. . . .Remember the book you have called “Beautiful Oops?” It says when you think you have done something you didn’t want to do, something amazing can come from it. I told him we might think it was a mistake, but there are no mistakes. It’s all just learning. After all, you’re learning a brand new skill and you’ve not even been doing it for 2 days. So, when we have the thought that it’s a mistake, we can just say . . Oops! . . .and laugh and move on.

Now, this happened an hour ago and I’m still reeling with my “mistake” of not watching him closer so this wouldn’t happen to him. I keep reminding myself of the thought I’m choosing to think for myself . . .There are no mistakes. . .all just learning and I can just say oops and move on 🙂 Amazing how I can try to teach it to him, but my brain isn’t totally buying it. I know why . . . it’s not the way it’s been programmed. But, I welcome a day when it can be re-wired like that. Is that really and truly possible? Can you please give me some support? I love what you say . . .that if this wasn’t meant to happen, it wouldn’t have happened.

Thank you xo