Earlier this year, I joined scholars and set an impossible goal to lose 75 pounds. I am about 3-5 pounds away from achieving that, so it may only literally be a matter of days until I have that aligned model.

C: Goal of losing 75lbs, current weight on the scale this morning indicates 5 pounds left, current track record indicates approximately less than one month until those 5lbs, assuming the last 2 months’ average pace of weight loss remains the same

T: It was a fluke.
F: Dismissive

A: Don’t look back and acknowledge the steps it took to get here, or the work I’ve done to be this type of person who loses 75lbs
A: Attribute my success to external sources whenever people ask me how I did it (like, I have a great coach, my doctors got me on medicine that helped my thyroid get back to normal, I joined a great program that taught me how to do everything, etc)
A: I don’t appreciate myself for my hard work and massive action and my commitment to my commitment of losing 75lbs
A: Don’t allow myself to celebrate by not making official plans to reward myself when I get there (in other words, I’m already looking to the next goal in health and fitness)

R: I don’t acknowledge my own power in creating my own new result.

What’s really going on here? (asking mostly because I’m answering):
If I’m being honest with myself, a) I’m indulging in the self doubt. b) I still don’t believe I’m the type of person who does something like this – I don’t see myself as the type of person who achieves impossible things. It’s a new thing for me, to commit to something and stick to it. To choose a challenge for myself and actually achieve it. Of course this is a hard thing to accept. Maybe I’m looking for external validation? Like, I won’t believe it until someone else says it.

The thought “I’m the type of person who achieves impossible things like losing 75b pounds” doesn’t resonate with me (yet). But maybe in terms of the thought ladder, I could start by practicing, “I’m open to believing that I created this result all on my own, and I could probably do it again if I tried.”