POWERFUL exercise from podcast #173-Future Focus

I just had to share something powerful that happened to me. I was listening to your podcast and you said to write a letter to myself as if it was 5-10 years from now, my future self. Brooke, holy cow! I’m almost in tears. It encouraged me and motivated me. It was like a got a counseling session, but from myself. I am blown away by the depth of your knowledge and your wisdom, Brooke. I truly hope I will be there one day. I wanted to share my letter:

Mara. Girlfriend. You have NO idea. It’s bigger than you imagined. Just like what the Lord has been telling you. If you knew you wouldn’t be stressing. Trust. Relax. Smile. Enjoy life. It will all unfold. God is leading you. He’s for you. Your dreams are coming true. Like, seriously! You have your brand new Volvo, by the way. That you paid cash for. Not kidding. Your business is successful and booming. It looks so different than you could ever imagine. Better! And by the way you’re a skinny minny. Just wait. Life is good. God is faithful. Face your fears. And stop wasting time on all those damn distractions. You got work to do and you’re delaying it. Focus. Stop thinking everybody else is doing it better and has all the answers for you. You know what to do. Love you!