POWERFUL thoughts!

1. This is my 2nd month in Scholars. I’m in big breakdown about being in action this month to the point I had a day this week where I literally did almost nothing. The next day I just got curious about the whole thing. I could only get that my thought was “I don’t want to” like a small child might, the only word I could think of about my feeling was apathy – not positive, not negative, just shut down. The more exploring I did the more it lifted so now I’m back in action but what’s the way for me to keep breaking that apart? Should I just keep trying to do thought downloads and at some point I’ll break through or instead of looking back keep looking forward each time something happens to ask what’s stopping me now?

2. My wife is a survivor of incest. In fact her older sister and she sent him to prison to protect their much younger sister. The older girls were ex-communicated from the family (the older girls obviously lied) so when Dad got out of prison he went back home so the youngest has a COMPLETELY different experience of her father and now as a single mother (with a son) lives with the Dad. Last month we had a family vacation – the 3 girls, the little boy and me – the first time the 3 girls have been in a room together in 26 years, so it’s seeming like a family reconciliation is a distinct possibility. Can you provide some thoughts and/or examples of people powerfully dealing with this issue? Who or what could we model is what I’m getting at.

3. What are a few examples of powerful new thoughts that have blown you away? I’d love more real life examples of ways to be that challenge all my old beliefs.

4. What are some ladder thoughts specifically around “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not worthy”