Practice model

I have just started learning the model. Can you review these to see if I am on the right track?

C I ran 13:15 min per mile
T The run today felt like a struggle
F Weak
A Letting myself slow down not push as hard
R Having a slower per min mile

C I ran 4.8 miles
T So happy and proud of myself for pushing even when I wanted to quit
F Proud
A Feeling accomplished getting more steps towards my final goal
R Being able to run further not giving up on myself

C I joined SCS July 15
T I can do what I put my mind to
F Capable
A Enrolled in SCS to work on direction for my future to build the confidence to become a coach
R To be a life coach

Thank you….. I appreciate feedback on this to see if I am thinking in the right direction on the model.