Practice Models

Hey Brooke, am I on the right track with both my unintentional and intentional model?

C At parents house and they are in the other room
T I should spend more time with my parents since I am home.
F guilty
A Spend time while not honoring my schedule, beat myself up, don’t show up and be present
R Think I should be different than I am?


C “ “
T Once I move out, it won’t be as easy to see them so I should do it now.
F guilt
A beat myself up, not honor my schedule, spend time even when I don’t want to
R Not do what’s best for me?

Here’s an intentional model I came up with:
C “ “
T I notice I’m thinking the thought- I should be spending more time with my parents since I am home and that’s okay.
F neutral
A get curious about how I feel around my parents, notice my thoughts and feelings
R become watcher of thoughts?

I feel like I’m getting really good at mostly everything with the model except the Results and then creating an intentional model. Is there any questions I can ask to help get to the result? I know I can ask – What result do my actions create, but it only takes me so far. I also want to get better at setting an intentional model and really start making changes with my thoughts. Thanks Brooke!