I’m practicing writing clean models– especially with tying the result to the thought. Can you check this model and give me any insight you have that makes it more clean? Thanks!

C: Weight 122.4
T: I wish this number was lower.
F: Disappointed
A: Focus on the number. Food focused instead of life focused. Fuck it eat. Watch TV. Think about how to get the number lower. Restrict from disappointment. Tell myself I “can’t” or “shouldn’t” eat things.
R: Stall, gain weight. Reinforce thought loop that always wishing the number (whatever it is) is lower.

C: Weight 122.4
T: People don’t walk around with signs that say their weight and pant size on their back.
F: Relief (comic)
A: Let the intensity of the number go. Life focused instead of food/weight focused. Make a plan and then go about the day without thinking so much about food and weight.
R: Create space for weight fluctuations

In this intentional model, I feel like the result matches the underlying belief of the T which is something along the lines of “small weight fluctuations are not that big of a deal.” Would this be a clean model?