Practicing intentional models

I want to create intentional models. These are the two I’m coming up with. I started with the R line in these.
C: I am a human
T: I am learning to have my own back
F: Calm
A: checking into my feelings, asking myself about my day, asking myself what I need
R: I have my own back

C: I am a human
T: I am learning to be true to me
F: Courageous
A: I have my own back, I pay attention to what feels true/right to me
R: I am honest and live in my truth

My questions are
1) are those models right?
2) Brooke talks a lot about having your own back but translating that into action items for me has been difficult. Do you have any specific steps you do for that?
3) part of my living in my truth model affects my boyfriend. Our relationship is secret and I don’t want it to be any more. He doesn’t want any one to know (he is ashamed that it started as an affair). I am ready to own it. I don’t know how to untangle my model from his model and how to separate the two because I realize I have thoughts about his thoughts.