Practicing MODEL – need feedback

This is Julia again ( pharmacist with petting zoo -lol ) , i have a situation at work and it causes me my piece of mind, so i decided to do a model on it.
Unintentional :
c- i have employee that i can not tolerate
t- she is very unpleasant, clueless, wrong for job,arrogant , but cheap labor and bosses will not replace her
f- annoyed, irritated, not beeng mean to her per say but treat her like “nothing” and she knows that, makes me feel not being proud of myself
a- don’t talk to her, don’t give her any job assignments because don’t like results, addressed it to my boss one last time – realized that may cause problem , she is “cheap labor”
r- spend 8 hours of my working day being pissed and irritated, make this employee being miserable

c- can not tolerate my employee
t- i can imagine how miserable i make her feel, was in very similar situation, but don’t see any resolution
f- the whole situation makes me feel very unplesant – i want to be a better person, but can not pretend
a -i should not bring it up to my bosses any more , should assign a person to train her again , make sure she knows her tasks and i should be supervising or have someone supervise her
r- person will be given a chance, i will be in peace and will be a better person

Please, comment . thank you . Julia