Practicing models starting with a circumstance

 Here are two models I practiced today — could you tell me if I did them correctly?
C: It’s a rainy grey day.
T: What a gloomy day.
F: Listless
A: Avoid tasks, especially aversive tasks.
R: Get nothing of significance done. Get annoyed with myself.

C: There are snacks in the cupboard.
T: I want to eat yummy snacks (is this an urge?)
F: Excited (or is this an urge?)
A: I eat the snacks, usually too many.
R: I gain weight.

So my questions are:
-did I get these models correct?
-is an urge at thought or a feeling?
-if gaining weight is a result, how does that result provide evidence for my thought of wanting yummy snacks?

Thank you!