Practicing New Concepts

Here is a previous answer from a Coach:
“But you only have to “let it go” if it’s a problem. If there isn’t a problem, there isn’t anything to let go of.

You already have a lot of awareness here. And you already have a good idea of what you want to think.

If this really wasn’t a problem, and you stopped paying attention to what your friend is or isn’t doing (focusing completely on what kind of friend you want to be)…. how would you show up in this relationship? Does it match who you want to be?”

I am wanting some things w/ other people to not be a problem – I’m intellectually getting much of it but I’m needing more help. Intellectually it is not a problem that my friend isn’t making time in her schedule for us.
I guess we used to hang out a lot more. I want to hang out more.
So, I can think when we get together “It is fun.”
I can ask her for support.

There’s something there that is like “if we don’t hang out more, our friendship will dwindle.” I know its just a thought….. help lol.