Practicing Overdesire

Hi. I’m curious about practicing overdesire as it relates to food. When my husband and I committed to no sugar, no flour, we cleared the house of it all and committed to no joy eats until at least the end of May (we’ve only been doing it a week). While it’s been shockingly easy on my protocol (fast for 20 hours until 2pm and then a 4 hour window) and I have had no desire to consume sugar or flour, I do want to have the option to enjoy joy eats later without worrying that I’m going to be overwhelmed by the dopamine rush that’ll come with it. What I’m asking is whether it’s a good idea to practice feeling overdesire now through my imagination? What I’m thinking about is visualising myself with something that I’ve previously overeaten and letting the sensation of desire crank up and sitting with it. Do you think this is a good idea or should I only practice with the real deal? Thanks heaps, Kim