I was doing a thought download in regards to practicum class. I have the opportunity of being a coach this week and I am excited. 

I have a page full of things I’m making practicum mean and comfortable with most of them. The one I wanted to discuss was my thoughts about why I’m nervous about coaching my peers that I haven’t coached before. 

My reasons were because I don’t know them yet. I’m not comfortable with them yet because I haven’t had one on one interaction. It feels foreign. I also have judgment that one of them has a difficult job and I may not understand what they are talking about. 

I understand that most clients I will coach will be foreign but I feel so nervous.  

I have coached my other peers and got past the initial meet and greet and I feel excited to work and grow with them. 

I understand I need to think similar thoughts and create that feeling with the other peers but the original thoughts keep popping up.