How to practise new thoughts?

Hi Brooke!
I’ve found my unintentional thought (‘I’m such a terrible mum’), felt the negative feelings that went with it (shame, guilt), created an intentional thought (‘I’m always doing my best’) but now, how do I remember the new one? I’ve had a look at your podcasts’ transcripts and you recommend repeating them out loud, rehearsing them like an actor, saying them in front of the mirror, writing them down, reading them several times a day. I know I’ve made a poster in my ‘meditation room’ (= the toilets) where I can read them. Larry Kendall, in Ninja Selling (awesome book – thank you so much!) suggests we write the new thought 25 times a day (which he says takes about 7 minutes!). I was thinking of doing that 3 times a day, as if I were to take a pill. I also liked the Placebo version of Joe Dispenza. I know I really need to focus on my new thoughts. Any tips or other suggestions? Thank you so much!
Nan – work in progress