in praise of the July Daily Assignment – learning about myself as a manager of people

I just have to say that I am blown away by the value of the daily “What wasn’t great about yesterday and how can you change it in your mind to make it great?”

These are lessons sneaking up on me. Some days, I think “I’ve got nothing”. The day was pretty good. Or, the day had a minor pita (pain in the ass) – and I can’t think of a single way to make it good. BUT – once I start writing about how I feel – something ALWAYS comes out.

Example, yesterday – the worst thing that happened to me was I had a very minor incident with an employee who was trying to change direction on a project where everything in the plan had previously been agreed to. I did not blow up or anything, but I spent 100% of the time talking to her on resisting her idea and pushing back, forcing the agreed upon plan and timeline. (Because it would disrupt my own plans to change it)

I didn’t listen to whether it was actually a good idea or not. I didn’t question her to try to understand her point of view. I just resisted and got my way. Not cool.

In my intentional model, I started with the feeling I wanted to have – which is curious. Curious about why she is thinking this way. And my action would be to talk less and listen more. The result might be the same – we might have ended up in the same place, but at least I’d know more about where she’s coming from and she would feel as though she contributed to the solution.

This is one small example. But I am finding something like this almost every day. I will enjoy reading these over in the near future. Make a list of Lessons Learned at the end of July and try to live them.

By the way – I just joined Scholars in June and I made a Lessons Learned recap at the end of the month. I also, did a Massive Action log for that month. Now, I’m doing a Weekly Massive Action log. It helps when I know that someone (me) is Watching…..