Pre-Workout Before Intense Morning Exercise

I work out at Orangetheory Fitness every morning (@ 6:15am or 8:45am), which is a mix of Strength on the Weight Floor & high intensity interval training on the Treadmill, Bike & Rower. I always wait until after I workout to eat, however I do take a Pre-Workout supplement. I mix Advocare Spark w/ Biofuel. Both together have 55 cals & 14g carbs. (Spark = 15cals/4g carbs; Biofuel = 40cals/10gcarbs). I am 150lbs right now & have lost 8lbs so far & feel SO FREE from my urges to over eat! My goal weight is 140lbs & I am still seeing progress. I would like to keep my muscular shape as I lose weight & maintain/improve my fitness level. Is it okay to keep this in? (Does it break my fast?) Would it be best for me to scrap this all together? Drink one over the other? Thanks for your help!