Predictable: Fear of getting rid of stuff

Hi Brooke and coaches. I am (was?!) so excited for the October work. My house and brain are full of piles and piles and piles of stuff. And it has been causing major stress in my relationship with my husband and my relationship with myself. I’m disappointed in myself for not managing the clutter. So, it’s Super good to get to this work. Then, I watched the videos. And I pictured the boxes piled high in our storage room of old letters. From friends, family members, exes. And I panicked. I have been saving them thinking I would either use them in a future writing project one day. Or give them to my kids so they could know who I was. Are old letters and pictures something you recommend scanning and saving digitally? Or is that just moving the clutter from one (physical) space to another (digital)? The letters are outdated, for sure. And they’re not really serving me in the present moment. But they might/could in the future. Help?