Pregnancy and anxiety

Hi! I’m in my first semester of pregnancy. Since I learned that I am pregnant, I put even more pressure on myself to feel better and deal with my anxiety, because I’m afraid that my anxiety is going to be bad for the baby. But I feel anxious mostly every day… I have morning anxiety, sometimes I have panic attack, my job makes me feel anxious (or should I say, my thoughts about my job make me feel anxious: I don’t know what I’m doing at my job; Somebody is going to notice that I don’t know what I’m doing; Somebody else would do that job much better than me;…), even doing the household chores is a reason for me to be anxious (thoughts are: I don’t have time to do all this; it’s never ending; how am i going to do it with a baby,…).

Today, I have an anxious day. I try not to beat myself up for it, but carrying it with me like a purse, but like I said, I found it harder to do since I learned that I am pregnant. I finally did a model on it:

C: Earlier today, I thought about my work and it made me experience the feeling of anxiety.

T: I shouldn’t be anxious, it’s not good for the baby.

F: Guilty

A: Rumination (Why am I so anxious, what is wrong with me? Even when pregnant I can’t get a hold of myself, what is it going to take then? What am I even feeling anxious about my job, it is not that hard! I feel weak…); Procrastinate to do my thoughts download; Buffering with food and my cellphone.

R: I create more suffering for myself

I would very much like to have your advice on that matter… Thanks a lot!