Pregnancy and Impossible Goal

Hi Coach –
I just found out that I’m pregnant – this is my first pregnancy! It is something I wanted and I’m proud of how I’ve approached the process and learning I was pregnant so far (managing my mind, no drama about the actual pregnancy, thanks to SCS). Where the drama is showing up, however, is about my impossible goal. I am launching a membership site next month, which I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes since January. I am very excited about the membership but now I feel like I am allowing doubt to creep in because of my pregnancy. Here are some thoughts:

– You don’t know how you’re going to feel for the next 7 months – you might now be able to create the content a membership requires.
– You will need to do so much work to prepare for 1-2 months off after baby is born – you don’t have time to create that much content ahead of time.
– In 7 months is when you thought the membership would get traction (after marketing) – now you’ll be totally distracted by being a first-time mom.

I want to balance being gentle with myself but I also do not want to allow my brain to hijack my goal of launching this membership and believing in it 100%. Intellectually, I know that many many women get pregnant / have kids / etc. while running or launching their own business, but for some reason I can’t seem to redirect these thoughts. Any help appreciated!