Pregnancy/Birth at Odds with My Personal Growth – Working through the guilt and using it as an excuse to procrastinate

Hi Brooke – While I am not new to you, I finally took the leap and joined SCS. This is my first month! Right now this is kind of where I am at:

C= I’m pregnant..due to give birth any day. I also have a very young toddler at home. Currently in grad school working on my masters. I teach a preschool class. So I have a very busy schedule.
T = what is the point in starting anything? Anything meaning self-development, personal growth, personal goals etc… Life is about to become chaotic. I don’t know what to expect with this new baby. I am going to be so tired and hormonal. I know I should be gentle with myself during this period of time, but I’m used to working at a higher level of productivity.
F = confused about wanting to work on myself, guilty about being “selfish”, apathetic to massive action, frustrated that I need to take a break
A = no massive action, consuming a lot of material instead, procrastinating
R = there are no results for myself, and I’m probably bringing chaos as a result because I’m expecting it.

This model seems overwhelming. I know I should break it down into components, but I don’t know how to separate the parts. Thank goodness October is about decluttering because my brain is jumbled right now. I’m just not sure how to move forward from here.

Any thoughts? Thank you, Brooke!!