Pregnant with 2nd baby, and wishing we didn’t get puppy last month

I have a 2 year old at home, and we are about 1.5 months pregnant with our 2nd. In my mind, I had decided (but did not convey this to my partner) that we’d EITHER get a puppy OR have a 2nd baby.

We found out we were pregnant (yay!), and very shorty after got the opportunity for a sweet golden doodle puppy. I thought my partner really wanted it and that my daughter would love it, and it would give her something to connect with when we would be busy with the baby (early next year).

I failed to realize all that goes into raising a puppy (I am a cat person!), and now I am regretting getting the puppy. I’m feeling totally overwhelmed thinking we have to raise this puppy and rearrange our lives for this 2nd baby. It feels like too much.

When originally making the decision, I did like our reasons for “going for it” with the pup. Things like, “having a furry friend to snuggle with, more outdoor time together, a play mate for my toddler, growing our sweet family, etc.. ”

Here might be my models:

C- Got a puppy
T- We shouldn’t have gotten this puppy!
F- Regret
A- Worry she’s taking away from my rest when I need to be growing this baby, worry that it’s going to be too many transitions for our daughter in a short period of time, wish we hadn’t gotten the puppy, ruminate about how I didn’t want it in the first place, and beat myself up for not trusting my gut
R- Be caught in regret and worry, puppy feels like mistake

C- We got a puppy
T- It will be ok…. she’ll calm down soon, we’ll be grateful for this in the longterm…
None of these feel true!

T- we can adopt her out if we want/need to
That feels like a relief, but also irresponsible, like we’re not following through on a commitment.

I want the F of “peaceful”, and the thought “all will be well”, or “it’s all working out” feel helpful. Any other insights? Thank you!