Preparing for physical pain 2

I had a procedure in Friday where I was told I may experience a high level of pain for several days. I spoke at length with my doctors and has some additional pain control in place for the procedure. Afterward, I experienced pain that was managed by medication that varied from 1-4 on the pain scale from Friday evening to tonight, Tuesday.

Responses to coaching questions:

How do you want to feel about the physical pain? Accepting? Compassionate? Resolute? Something else?

I want to feel accepting and supportive of myself. My initial thought is that I shouldn’t have pain and I might not be able to handle it. I want to experience pain, but not too much, and feel pain, but not be too upset.

I did succeed in this goal, but I also had negative thoughts about being alone, my boyfriend and friends not caring about me, and being in danger. I also was believing that I might act inappropriately or embarrass myself if I felt too much pain.

What thoughts could support the way you want to feel about the pain?

I understand that the pain level will change. It will not always be this intense. My level of pain does not reflect my self worth or a measure of my goodness. My pain has nothing to do with other people or how they feel about me. I decided that the potential benefits of this procedure are worth having some temporary pain. I am fortunate that I experienced only moderate pain this week. I am grateful that my pain was able to be controlled with the right medicine.

C: Abdominal pain
T: This is part of the process of my body healing
F: Acceptance
A: Take medication on schedule, comfort myself, remember the pain will get better, think about things I will do when I’m better, imagine my body healing
R: I create and experience of healing and acceptance

C: Abdominal pain
T: If R loved me, he would come here
F: self pity
A: Sulk, cry, wait for the pain to improve, think about things R did and said that I don’t like, put myself down, make the pain about something it isn’t
R: I create the experience of not being loved

C: Abdominal pain
T: This pain is not that bad
F: Relief
A: Breathe, relax, distract myself, think about something else, keep track of when to take my meds, change my position, ask for help when I need it, remember that this is a temporary situation
R: I experience the pain not being that bad