Preparing for physical pain?

Hello. I am scheduled for a procedure on Friday that seems pretty low risk. However, I have been told by doctors that I will experience a fairly high level of pain for 3-7 days after it is completed.

I will be sedated, so I will not be awake or feel pain during the procedure. I will be on IV pain medication overnight. I will be given prescription oral pain meds for 7 days, but I can stop taking them sooner and take only over the counter earlier if I want to.

My air conditioner was out this week, and I noticed how tired and impatient I get when I am physically uncomfortable. And I don’t know how I will react to being on oral opioids. I generally prefer not to take drugs, but I am grateful to have them for this.

One doctor suggested that I don’t do the procedure because of the pain and risk of complications. After doing some research and talking to other doctors, I feel clear I want to go ahead. I feel like I can do thought work to plan for what I am going to think when I am in pain. But right now, it’s hard for me to imagine what it will be like because I feel fine, just kind of anxious and excited that it is finally scheduled.

I’ll do models for right now, but would appreciate and resources or advice. Thanks!

C: procedure on Friday at 11:30
T: I could feel too much pain and act the wrong way
F: anxious
A: worry about what could happen, don’t prepare for having several days of downtime, think about things that could go wrong with my job, my relationship, or my family. Don’t do research to figure out possible solutions, buffer with food, multi task, avoid focusing on my work, don’t read out for help
R: I feel fear of pain and avoid preparing

C: procedure on Friday
T: I will feel pain, but it will be worth the results in the long run
F: resolute
A: focus on my feelings, breathe, acknowledge my fear, don’t try to do too much, give my self time to integrate this experience, stop resisting that I will feel pain, remember that this is a choice I am making and I am lucky to have insurance and access to an excellent health care facility, recognize the support I am recieving from family and friends, realize that there might not be much to do but go ahead with the plan and do the best I can in each moment
R: I accept that I will experience pain and stop worrying so much

C: procedure on Friday
T: my body experienced intense pain in the past in childbirth and I am okay
F: capable (slight anxiety)
A: feel my feelings, acknowledge that pain is part of life and sometimes necessary to accomplish certain outcomes, stop thinking I can do it wrong or I have to be a certain way when I feel pain, have compassion for myself, let myself rest, ask for the help I need, stop generating drama about this and periferal life issues
R: I believe I can feel pain and be okay