Preparing for trip

I am going on a trip to see family with my young children. The airline tix were bought end of last week, been hoping to travel for months, now finally able, and need to cancel a camp and swim lessons that were planned before I knew we could travel.

C: pulling up email to cancel swim lessons and art camp when we are schedule to go out of town
T: ??
F: tense
A: keep going this time, but have put it off, still have in mind the possibility of doing the swim lessons and art camp even though cannot do them if traveling and have decided to travel (airplane tix purchased last Friday). Think about how great it would be for the girls to have swim lessons and to go to art camp, feel less excited about the trip I’ve been really wanting to take to see family.
R: feel on edge, disappointed, a bit afraid to cancel the plans that must be cancelled for our trip.

Possible Thoughts/thought download – I’m not sure which of these is driving the feelings or is the one to change. . .
I don’t want to cancel them.
I’m sad to cancel them.
I’m sad to miss out on the activities.
Maybe I’m making the wrong decision.
How will it go when I cancel these activities?
It won’t work out somehow if I cancel these activities.
Someone will be upset with me.
Somehow we will have to pay money.
I’m sad daughter won’t do the second art camp.

I think I need to look for an alternative thought to practice, right?
Something like:
The swimming and the camps would have been fun, and we will have a lot of fun travelling to see family.
We can do the swimming and art camp next year (my brain thinks that we might not be able to do the art camp next year because it is so amazing, hard to get into, and the teacher might get mad at us, so this one is not working 100% for me).
We will manage whatever comes up and create a fun experience – maybe something like this???