Prepping for Me – Future Me.

First off Brooke – Thank you! You life changer you! I am officially a VIPer. I haven’t been as active, I haven’t done all the work consistently. I haven’t I haven’t. These are the thoughts that kept me from writing this last month – because May was my ‘VIPersary’. Behind this was shame. All the thoughts, I should be further. I shouldn’t have the debt. My business should be farther. I know that I am just indulging in the thoughts, and snapping out of it. I can hear you ‘snap out of it.’ In this journey when I started I went through a huge breakup, which started a chain of events (5 moves in 6 months in 2 states, took coaching certification – actually signed up while I was in an uber on my way to the airport to go to Portugal -who can’t resist Jodi Moore really)You have taught me to be more patient with myself. I now recognize the areas of frustration when I am trying to do something quickly, I get to take charge of it. I don’t have to take on other people’s feelings as my own responsibility. of overwhelm when I think about doing the work. I think about why I am doing the work. I am prepping for Me. I am taking steps to becoming the person I want to be in this life NOW and loving who I am along the journey. I am so happy to have found scholars. Game changer. Game on.