Presentation hysteria

Hi Brooke,
Firstly I wanted to say I enjoyed the last coaching call. Despite having different challenges to those you coached then I felt the extractable lessons where very much applicable to my challenges. Great call!
Secondly, I have a question about public speaking/presenting. A few weeks ago I gave a presentation with a group of colleagues at work and had a total meltdown, tears, laughter, basically full hysterics (not very profesional). I finished my part, but I doubted anyone knew what I was talking about. Now, this Friday my team has to present this same topic again, in front of a bigger audience. I accepted the invite knowingly practice is the key to improve my presentation skills, and I want to do it well.
You have said in the past to others that observing with curiosity how your brain freaks out is one step, but how to stop yourself going down the rabbit hole?

Any further tips for managing anxiety in general?