Hi, I’ve been really working on improving my speaking abilities during our staff meetings. I do a thought download a few days before to help me prepare and take the action I need to take to improve. However, after it ends, I beat myself up and get mad at myself because it never goes as well as I expected. I am very self-critical.

C: I presented in front of staff at this morning’s meeting
T: I looked unprepared and insecure
F: Shame
A: Spin, ruminate, keep thinking about what people think of me, procrastinate on calendar
R: Become more insecure

However, when I try to do a new model about how I did better than I thought or about how it is what it is, it’s unbelievable to me or doesn’t make me feel any better.

C: I presented in front of the staff at this morning’s meeting
F: Acceptance
A: Move on, continue to go about my day, stop thinking about it

Any suggestions?