Pressure to Get My Money’s Worth

I signed up for a few courses and memberships, including SCS. On some days, I make full use of it, but I also have longer periods where I do not use the resources I paid for at all – I seem to forget they are even there. On those days, I feel guilty for missing out and blame myself for spending money irresponsibly and not making sure I get a return on it. But time is limited and I cannot, nor do I want to dedicate all of my time to courses and not focus on other aspects of my life.

I would like to get to a place where I believe that I don’t have to watch *every *single *video in *every *single *course I signed up for to feel that I am getting my money’s worth. But that whatever I do use is just what I need and is enough value on its own. I don’t want any FOMO anymore.

Can you help me get there?