Pressure to get things done, 3

> When does your brain offer this thought “he needs it asap”?
C: I said “When do you need this done by?” X said “I am very late on this.”
T: he means to say he needs it as soon as possible

> What is the timeline that ideally this person wants this job done? Your idea of asap may not be the same as his idea of asap.
He said “sooner rather than later, but don’t drop everything. My emergency is not your fault. And I don’t want to inconvenience you because of my mistakes. I would like your help, but in a way that works for you.”

Which is hilarious because I am making it my emergency, even though he said not to.

> How could you tap into curiosity about what they expect instead of assuming they expect the same from you as you do?
I mean, he literally told me not to drop everything lol. Also, my fiance called a carpet cleaning company two days ago who said they would come out to his condo on Friday. He wants it done sooner, but that is their schedule. I wonder what they are thinking and feeling that has them doing that …

I could also be willing to hold the space for him to have a thought and feeling if I said I could complete the project by X date.