Priorities & balance

So enjoying this training. Have had many revelations and have made progress in the area that I was most focussed on this year which is my romantic relationship. Yeah! This has been a much neglected area for me for many years and it feels so good now. I have met my partner, we’ve moved in together and had a very smooth transition there, we’re doing amazing. So very happy! After struggling on and off for 12 years in this area, this feels really amazing. I feel like I’ve grown into an amazing partner and have been able to find the same. As a bonus, part of the moving in process required me to do a massive purge of my personal stuff, it feels really good to have been able to do this as well. I purged and purged and purged and gave away over a dozen bag of clothes, 6 car fulls of miscellaneous items to a local charity and 1 car full went to the dumpster. Feeling lighter with a cleaner more organized home now and ready for what’s next.

The challenge I’m having now is that I’m having a very hard time getting into 2 other important life priorities: getting my business profitable and successful and, getting into even better shape. On the health and fitness front, I’ve lost weight over the last few years and feel like I’m comfortable but would feel even better 10-15 lbs lighter. On the business front, I have made zero progress for months now. You have coached me on the Q & A call last month and the biggest aha from it was this:

I’ve been indulging in “I don’t know” and you said that as long as I do this, I don’t have to do the work. If I’m being honest about that, I can see that it’s true. I don’t really feel like doing the work! I want the result and I’m a very hard worker and poured a lot of effort into my business for years. A lof of the work I enjoyed tremendously as well. But I never got the desired result and now, I’m associating doing the work with taking time away from me and my new live-in boyfriend and it really does not appeal to me. We’re still in the honeymoon phase and it feels so good after so many years of being single or being in unfulfilling relationships. At the same time, I still want that end result of having a successful business. Then I ask myself if I knew for sure that my business would succeed if I put in the effort, would I put in the work and I feel like I would, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my relationship.

Is there such a thing as getting to a point where you can balance multiple priorities at the same time? I know you always talk about constraint and I feel like practicing this has helped me have a successful love life transformation but when is it right to start shifting a bit to my other priorities without losing the momentum I’ve built with my love and home life? And how can I best get momentum back with my business?