Prioritizing and the Thoughts around it!

I want to become better at prioritizing. Sometimes, I find myself feeling anxious because I have a list of activities to do and I’m not sure if I will get them done. They are not super important, for example: one might be getting my hair done. Nonetheless, I go back and forth trying to make that decision or should I say, the “right” decision. Sometimes I’ll ask myself, how do you think you will feel if you did that (go get your hair done)- is that something you wish to feel that you’re not feeling? Is there another way to get that? What are your thoughts on this process?
I can’t fully believe “I have money for things like getting my hair done”, but I do believe, “I will feel better and this will be easier if I go get my hair done.” Is it possible to just think about what result I want and to work backwards. I know that the decisions isn’t a big deal either way..perhaps the thought I should be doing the model on is…”I want to make the right decision.”

Would love your thoughts!