Prioritizing Work

I have 8 things on my to-do list and I feel overwhelmed. I know I’ve written in before about this but I really struggle to prioritize work. Like figuring out what to do first and in what order. I struggle to figure out what is blocking me from working on a certain task and when I will be able to work on a certain task. Do you have any recommendations for figuring this out? I am continuing to do the September work too, except many of my tasks contribute to creating a bigger result. I really want to dial this skill in because I want to also start my own business and I want to quit my part-time job so I can focus on bigger-value things I could be doing to earn money. Also, I really do not want to work nights and weekends. I think if I start doing that, it would be an indication that I’m either being sloppy in my scheduling or I am taking on more work than I have time for.

C: 8 things on my list
T: I don’t know which order to do these in
F: confused
A: sit and stare at it. write into ask a coach. read over the list again and again. Try to put them on my calendar with the thought in the back of my head that this order may not be “right”
R: my mind is in disorder about 8 things on my list

C: 8 things on my list
T: I’m figuring out how to be as productive as possible in the 40 hours I have at work
F: motivated
A: continue doing september workbook each day. say no to working nights and weekends. don’t take my laptop home. use my urge jar to manage distractions and procrastinating my schedule. try and fail at scheduling my work until I figure it out. watch throw away your to-do list webinar again.
R: I figure out how to be productive in 40 hours