I am the kind of person who is used to being able to do it all. With the continued at-home situation, along with a house remodel, homeschooling, and a new role at work, I find myself having a higher number of items on my schedule.

I want to set a priority list to help me schedule the things I want first, but I’m having trouble nailing down how many priorities are too many, and how to stack them against each other.

If I pick 3 things, for example, to work on, I see other things falling out. If I focus on my kids, work, and house remodel, then I don’t see myself finding times for cleaning, meals, fitness, SCS, etc.

I know I can choose a number of priorities, but right now it feels like I’m trying to focus on too much. Any thoughts here? I’m also having trouble with what my C line in my model should look like…