I have small children and am being called to make my children and family my priority and main focus. I notice my brain freaking out about money. Money has always been my focus but if I’m honest I think it has come from a lack mindset of thinking money creates security. I know I can focus on family and money. I’m good with money, we have enough for our needs and wants, I save, I take good care of it. I pay my bills and debt over time in a comfortable way. I’m not sure why my brain keeps freaking out about it. The worry is taking away from focusing on my family.

C Being present with family
T You should worry about money
F Panic
A Pull out my bank account numbers, budgets, forecasts see where we are, if it’s lower than I thought I start beating myself up thinking about how to get more, I don’t let the feeling pass and go back to my family. I follow the worry thoughts
R I create more worry around money

I’m wondering if this model works with putting a thought in the c line.

C Thought “You should worry about money”
T Thank you, Brain, for the thought but we’re good
F Relaxed
A Allow thought and feelings to pass, continue with day as planned. Don’t react and start looking at finances
R Reinforce to my brain that we are okay

I want to get to the place where I notice the thoughts and feelings and can say hello and goodbye to them as they pass without reacting.