Prison Yoga Santa Barbara

Dare of the Day.
Dear Brooke, Would you be willing to make a donation to my nonprofit, Prison Yoga Santa Barbara. If so, click on this link:
Thank you for your consideration.
In Loving Service – Ginny

1. Dare: To ask Brooke for a donation for my nonprofit.
2. I’m going to throw up. It’s way too inappropriate.

C: Ask Brooke
T: It’s inappropriate. I’m inappropriate.
F: disgusted
A: inaction – or negative self-talk
R: no result

C: Ask Brooke
T: I am willing to challenge myself in the areas I feel most uncomfortable – i.e. asking for donations for PYSB
F: self-confident
A: Ask Brooke
R: ?

5. I am willing to stretch and I am willing to take risks. I believe in the benefit of providing yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices to our incarcerated population. The opposite of success is not failure, it’s inaction. I did. I asked!