Private Coaching Calls

I would like to thank you for this generous offering this month of free 20-minutes weekly private coaching calls.
I had already three of them and they helped me greatly.

I have a question: I notice that I want to take advantage of this offering while it’s still running but that during the week there’s is no issue I am dealing with that I cannot solve with a good self-coaching session and a thought download.

One week I scheduled a call for the next week to work on an issue but by the time I got to the call I figured it out on my own.
Then I saw that I am trying to ask myself, ‘What is a problem for me that I can discuss about in the call?’
And of course, this is a terrible question because my brain was saying, ‘Take a seat, this will take a while…’ 🙂

So, I do see the benefit of having a weekly private call, but I also see that my brain is seeking to interpret something as a problem that requires an outside help to justify the session.

What do you suggest to do then?